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CPRE Avonside responses

CPRE Avonside responses

Read about our responses to proposed planning developments in the region.

Government Inspectors have written to the West of England Councils urging them to seriously re-think the plan that has been the subject of examination at the Bath Guildhall. 

CPRE Avonside's volunteers have been campaigning to improve the new Joint Spatial Plan for our area, and now we're getting ready to speak at the Examination in Public.

CPRE Avonside has objected to the removal from the Green Belt of the last working farm in the Bristol Green Belt.

CPRE Avonside has submitted the first few in a long list of further comments to the Inspectors who will examine the West of England Joint Spatial Plan, starting this July. The plan has huge implications for the future of our countryside, and the quality of life in our cities.

The revised topic paper claims to: ‘demonstrate that it is possible to deliver a transport programme that effectively addresses the issues … and has a reasonable chance of being funded.’ (our italics). CPRE contends very strongly that the paper in reality demonstrates quite the opposite, and indeed that the laudable objective is in fact unachievable.

This Plan sets out the future housing and infrastructure provision for the our area (The West of England) for the next 20 years. Our comments reflect the concerns we have about the likely outcomes of the Plan as it stands.

CPRE Avonside responded to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan "Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy Document, November 2016"

CPRE North Somerset welcomes the opportunity to comment on the consequential changes to remitted policies brought about by the revised housing target of 20,985 dwellings for North Somerset. We disagree this housing target is an appropriate number for North Somerset, have consistently argued against this increase and contend that the process to decide housing numbers is flawed.

South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan (November 2015) CPRE South Gloucestershire’s Response

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