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How we travel and plan transport impacts on the environment and our quality of life. More roads can scar the landscape and the increase in flights is shattering tranquillity. We need to plan our transport that puts new housing, jobs, shops and services close to public transport or within easy walking or cycling distance.


The Government should develop policies that reduce the number of car journeys people make, rather than building more roads for more cars. We want to see better transport choices and safer roads for walkers and cyclists.

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Bristol Airport Expansion

Bristol Airport is proposing an doubling of passenger numbers, more night flights, and even more parking spaces in their recent planning application to North Somerset District Council. An expanded Bristol Airport would be a disaster.

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Park and Ride

Bath should be looking to the future, designing public and active transport that will be accessible to those who do not have cars, enabling those who do to leaving them at home.

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Joint Transport Plan

The Joint Spatial Plan consultation proposes 105,000 houses to be built in the next twenty years in this area, and the Joint Transport Study proposes a number of transport options, such as new roads, park and rides and an extension to metrobus.

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