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Local Group Name - Campaign to Protect Rural England

Our response to Bristol Airport's planning application

Tuesday, 19 February 2019 17:33

Photo (c) Tom Collins Photo (c) Tom Collins

An expanded Bristol Airport would be a disaster.

Bristol Airport is proposing an doubling of passenger numbers, more night flights, and even more parking spaces in their recent planning application to North Somerset District Council. An expanded Bristol Airport would be a disaster, not just for the tranquillity and environment of this rural area in the Avon Green Belt, but the impacts on climate change and the wider transport infrastructure could be significant. Currently a vast majority of passengers travel to the airport by private car, as there is no rail and busses are currently considered expensive and inconvenient. This already puts pressures on local roads, and the increases proposed will compound already highly congested routes by increasing the numbers of cars travelling to the airport.

This is far from just a local issue. Bristol airport would become disproportionately large compared to other regional airports and its impact on the sensitive environment of North Somerset and the West of England, the Avon Green Belt and Mendips AONB would be entirely unacceptable. Not only this, but infrastructure around the wider South West Region could be negatively impacted by this significant expansion.

CPRE Avonside are working with local groups and the Parish Council’s Airports Association to publicise the likely impacts of this proposed expansion.


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