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Volunteering at the Festival of Nature 2016

Gill Sammons tells us about her experience at 2016's Festival of Nature

It was a great pleasure to volunteer again at this year’s Festival of Nature.  As usual the Harbourside was packed with interesting displays from a wide range of local groups, all linked in different ways with protecting the environment.  It’s a good place for networking and promoting the work of CPRE as you know that most of the people who attend are likely to be sympathetic   to our aims and that many are involved in conservation of some sort. This year was special in that not only was the Queen celebrating her 90th birthday, but so were we.  I hadn’t realised CPRE had been going so long and yet it was surprising how many visitors to the Festival had never heard of us! By filling in a short survey asking people to note the 3 issues they felt CPRE should address over the coming years,  there was a chance to win the lovely new publication ‘22 Ideas that Saved the English Countryside’  so this gave us a talking point to help engage the visitors.  We even had children dragging their parents over to the stall so that they could take home a free CPRE badge.  The more members who help out at this event,  spreading the word about CPRE’s work, the more time you’ll have to enjoy and explore the other great displays, to indulge in some delicious street food from around the world or browse the craft and produce stalls. So make a point of coming along next year.

Gill Sammons (volunteer with the North Somerset group)

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