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Local Group Name - Campaign to Protect Rural England

CPRE Avonside calls on local election candidates to stand up for our local countryside

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 09:23

CPRE Avonside has launched a manifesto calling on local and mayoral election candidates of all parties to support the rights of all people to enjoy a countryside that promotes a healthier economy and a happier community.

eu election video

CPRE’s manifesto asks prospective mayors and councilors, if elected, to support policies which support the countryside locally that address:

CPRE Avonside’s Director, Sophie Spencer commented:

“The beauty of England’s countryside is a world-famous national treasure. It is an essential place for our health and wellbeing, which provides boundless benefits. But as short-term economic needs dominate the political agenda, our countryside is too often put under pressure. The next few years will be critical to ensure that we provide the new houses and infrastructure local people desperately need, whilst safeguarding our beautiful, thriving landscapes for all to enjoy.

“Finding solutions to regenerate our urban areas, build the affordable homes people need and tackle climate change goes beyond politics. That is why today we call on candidates of all parties to act to promote, enhance and protect the beautiful and unique landscape of the countryside around Bristol and Bath. We encourage all members of the community to write to their candidates urging them to support the manifesto put forward by CPRE.”

Download CPRE’s Local Election Manifesto 2019

Watch CPRE’s local election video

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