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Stargazing opportunities near you

Friday, 10 January 2020 11:18

We recently launched a local Starry Skies initiative, providing opportunities for local groups, families, and young people – especially from urban areas - to engage with the night sky through a series of stargazing sessions across the Bath and wider Avon area.

Running between February and July 2020, these will consist of a combination of talks, workshops, space-themed activities and star gazing sessions, with each event being tailored to the location and its audience. At the same time, they will be highlighting the effect of light pollution on our view of the night sky, as well as its impact on the countryside, wildlife and human health.

This project builds on the charity’s annual national Star Count Campaign which maps the country’s darkest skies and identifies areas impacted by significant light pollution. It also compliments the recent recommendation published by the Government for ‘a night under the stars in a national landscape for every child’.

We want to raise awareness and of Starry Skies, not only to existing devotees but to those who have yet to benefit from this natural phenomenon. Levels of light pollution are increasing in many areas, and we want to highlight the negative effect this has on everyone, including on our health, wildlife, as well as our view of the stars and the night sky. 

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