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The problems we’re facing locally are huge, and there is a significant challenge to ensure that our area’s transport system is more sustainable in the future.

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Bristol Airport expansion planning application
CPRE's Star Count 2019
Our response to the Joint Spatial Plan consultation

An expanded Bristol Airport would be a disaster.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 11:38

Cosmic census gets the nation counting stars

Everyone is invited to take part in Star Count 2019 to help map our magical dark skies.

The revised topic paper claims to: ‘demonstrate that it is possible to deliver a transport programme that effectively addresses the issues … and has a reasonable chance of being funded.’ (our italics). CPRE contends very strongly that the paper in reality demonstrates quite the opposite, and indeed that the laudable objective is in fact unachievable.

The current proposals from the West of England Combined Authority – the so-called Joint Spatial Plan - are a worrying continuation of business of usual.

How long until is it before the last farm in the Bristol Green Belt is under concrete?

Catherine Withers, farmer at Yew tree farm will speak to a Campaign to Protect Rural England (Avonside branch) event on Saturday 24th November about her fears for the future of her farm.

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The CPRE Avonside AGM will be held on Saturday 24th November in Cossham Hall, Chapel Street, Thornbury, from 10:30am.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 10:30

CPRE Avonside Annual Report 2017/2018

This is a critical time for the countryside around Bristol and Bath. We're losing valuable countryside yet not providing local people with housing they can afford.

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