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A new study carried out for CPRE by the independent New Economics Foundation casts major doubt on the potential economic benefits claimed for the proposed expansion of Bristol Airport.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 14:35

Taking a stand against Light Pollution

Sophie Spencer, CPRE Avonside Director, spoke at a Starlit Skies 2019 event in Bath to highlight the damage that light pollution is doing to our glorious night's sky, and what CPRE is doing to raise awareness

The future of our countryside and health of our cities is at stake and we need your help

CPRE Avonside has launched a manifesto calling on local and mayoral election candidates of all parties to support the rights of all people to enjoy a countryside that promotes a healthier economy and a happier community.

The problems we’re facing locally are huge, and there is a significant challenge to ensure that our area’s transport system is more sustainable in the future.

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Bristol Airport expansion planning application
CPRE's Star Count 2019
Our response to the Joint Spatial Plan consultation

An expanded Bristol Airport would be a disaster.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 11:38

Cosmic census gets the nation counting stars

Everyone is invited to take part in Star Count 2019 to help map our magical dark skies.

The revised topic paper claims to: ‘demonstrate that it is possible to deliver a transport programme that effectively addresses the issues … and has a reasonable chance of being funded.’ (our italics). CPRE contends very strongly that the paper in reality demonstrates quite the opposite, and indeed that the laudable objective is in fact unachievable.

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