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Following the Government's announcement today (Tuesday) confirming the Infrastructure Planning Commission will be abolished, Fiona Howie, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Head of Planning, says:

In response to the Budget delivered today by George Osborne, In response to the Budget delivered today by George Osborne, Ben Stafford, Head of Campaigns at CPRE, says:

CPRE today (Wednesday) calls for close attention to be paid to an ambitious report that proposes to make Britain carbon neutral by 2030, and particularly its implications for the countryside.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England welcomes the emphasis on carbon storage and water management in a new report published today (Tuesday) by the CRC on the challenges facing England’s upland areas which contain almost three quarters of our most valued landscapes. The latest in a long line of reports, CPRE hopes its recommendations can now be transformed into actions by the new Ministers in DEFRA and DECC.

Following a written Ministerial statement today (Wednesday) by the Minister for Decentralisation, Greg Clark MP, on the Government decision to remove gardens from the definition of brownfield land and to scrap minimum housing density standards  Shaun Spiers, CPRE Chief Executive, says:

Wednesday, 09 June 2010 17:40

A very cluttered country

Countryside campaigners CPRE are today (Wednesday) calling for action to reduce the proliferation of man made clutter that is choking the landscape. The charity argues that our ‘Green and Pleasant land’ is being lost under a blanket of overhead wires, phone masts, advertising boards, pylons and unnecessary road signs. The Government, through encouraging the responsible companies to work together with local communities to tackle these issues, could take a big step towards Prime Minister David Cameron’s vision of a ‘Big Society’.

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