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NSC sent BIA a strong message at a full council meeting on February 20th about significant concerns it has regarding their recently released Master Plan for expansion:

"...the absence of a viable and sustainable surface access strategy..."
"... the need for an independent environmental and biodiversity impact assessment..."
" ...answer anticipated growth in noise and other pollution issues"
"...the need for an independent assessment into the economic cost/benefit impact on local and regional businesses..."
"...call for full consideration of the Stern Report relating to climate change effects of an expanded airport..."
"...We particularly note the apparent contradictions of expanding Bristol International Airport whilst calling for reductions in emissions from Bristol industry in order to attain Government targets..."

Read more on the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion website »

Thursday, 01 March 2007 13:43

Website launched!

Welcome to the brand-new CPRE Avonside website!

Many thanks to everyone involved in creating it and filling it with interesting information.

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